Hello Pre-Primary’s

(Please read “Math games for the Pre-Primary’s” if you have not before reading this).

Today we finally got to play our games with the Pre-primary’s! My group was so excited, we were finished our math game but we did add a few more stuff in. Unfortunately My Bff Tahlia and her group were not finished yet, so I decided to help them out, I helped with writing the sums and outlining them.

Finally it was time to get going. We all lined up and followed Mr.hope to the Pre-primary class, He opened the door and told us to go out side and sit somewhere with our games, so my class and the other year fives went to a spot were they wanted to play. And the Pre-Primary’s came out their class after.

Two Pre-Primary’s came to our game, we told them our names and they told us theirs, their names were Emma and James. We started reading the instructions and rules to them and then started playing, Emma won the game and after their teacher came out saying it’s time to go to a different game, so Emma and James went to another game.

The next people were named Sophia and Scarlet. We did the same thing with them like we did with the last people and a while later the winner was Sophia, and we needed to rotate.

The next people that came were named Ruby and Ola. These two were really good at bingo we were almost out of counters but Ruby won after a long time.

Then we all had to go back to class, I had a lot of fun with the Pre-Primary’s, we said bye to each other and went to our class.


Math Games For The Pre-Primary’s

Hello, we are starting to do something very different this time. In class we have been making math games for the Pre-Primary’s.

Mr.Hope told us that we will be working in groups, and that he will be choosing the groups. The people who were with me were Shanaya and Rudraksh.

We started getting the big piece of cardboard and thought of how our math game would be like. I wanted a bingo game, Shanaya wanted ice-cream theamed and Rudraksh wanted addition (the teacher of the pre-primary’s told us what they can and can’t do.) So we combined them all.

Rudraksh was the printer he was in charge of printing out ice-cream pictures, Shanaya was in charge of the out lining and neatness and I was in charge of colouring (Shanaya also helped me with colouring.)

Well, we all thought it was messy so we ended up restarting. But we did do the same plan but even better, we added colourful spots all around the white cardboard and made it very neat.

We are basically all done with the game all that is left is the rules, we already have that planned. I was the one who was gonna come up with the rules while Shanaya was finishing some of the colouring bits. Here is what I wrote in my rough book as the rules:

Welcome to Sweet bingo, (sweet bingo is our math game name) here are the rules: You need 2 players for this game, 2 dice and 6 counters. Player 1 roles both dices and for example they get a 5 and 2, they have to add then up. 5+2= 7 so they find a 7 on the board. Player 2 will do the same, but if player 2 gets a 7 as well then they can either push player 1s counter off and place their counter there or find another 7 if there are no more 7s, they skip their turn. First one to get 4 in a row wins!!

Thats all we have done, we haven’t got to play with the pre-primary’s yet since some of us have not finished, but when we do get to play with the pre-primary’s I’ll do a post about how it went. Bye bye!


The Tulip Festival

Hello, today I’m going to be telling you about the Tulip Festival I went to at Araluen Botanical Garden.

It was a very long drive, my brother and I slept the whole ride, I woke up after a while and when I woke up there was a massive line of cars waiting to park. I did not think the festival would be that popular.

We finally got a parking and went inside the garden, as soon and we got in there we’re pretty pink and yellow tulip at the front. We took some photos and went on. My brother and I were looking at all the flowers and we smelled every single tulip we saw, there were many different tulips with different colour and some mixed colours.

As we were walking I saw a pink and purple tulip it was really beautiful and it was probably my favourite tulip out of all of the tulips we saw. There were so much different tulips to see which meantlot of photos to take.

Half way through we met my friend and her family, we did not except them to be here and they did not expect us, so it was a coincidence. We decided to look at the tulips together and we had some ice cream at the end.

Bye bye see you soon!

The Successful Front Drop

Hello, today I went to my trampoline class and we were doing front drops (a front drop is were you are basically laying down on your tummy but you do it on the trampoline). A front drop might sound easy but it is not, you must jump very high and then go flat and jump back up.

Last time I hurt my self really bad. So I was afraid to do it again, but for a couple of weeks I have been doing it on a mat and been practicing. But I was still afraid since my couch told me to do it without the mat! He said that he thinks I can do it without the mat. I have not done it without the mat since that day of me hurting my self while doing that trick.

I went on the trampoline really scared. But then my coach told me he would throw the mat in when I’m in the air so I still land on the mat, I felt much better after he said that so then I did it and he did push the mat in so I landed safely on the mat.

But something I did not expect him to do happened. I did the front drop again, but…. He did not push the mat! I looked down and saw the mat was not there so I was about to land without the mat at all!

I thought I was going to hurt my self again but…. I did it! I did the trick without the mat and I did not hurt my self. I looked at my coach and he told me to do it again since now I can do it without the mat, he said he will still not push the mat in. I wasn’t afraid anymore so I did it and landed safely on my feet.

Bye bye see you in my next post!


Hello, today I’m going to be telling you about what my class and I are doing in art.

We are making ceramics and people who make ceramics are called a Ceramicist. First my art teacher Miss.Ven did a demo (demo= demonstration) since it was our first lesson working with clay, she talked about wedging the clay and making it in to a sphere, told us the equipment we can use for designing our clay (we were making a pinch pot) and told us what not to do with the clay. Like: 1. don’t throw the clay. 2. Don’t walk around with the clay. We started making our pinch pot and I was really happy with mine. It was just a practice with the clay so we could see what we liked, I tested out all the materials and liked my pinch pot.

The next week we were back in art. This time we were doing the actual sculpture but we were not making a pinch pot, we were making a type of fruit. Miss.Ven did not tell us what fruit, but I think it’s a orange or an apple. Miss.Ven was doing the demo and this time we had to make 2 pinch pots and stick them together with score slip score ( score slip score is were you get a skewer and scratch the top of your pinch pot, that’s scoring and slip is we’re you get water and slip it on top of the score, then score again. It should feel sticky and gooey) then we had to nit the clay ( Nitting is if you have to pull the clay down with a finger to smooth and even the clay out.)

That was all we did. But next week we will continue from that. Bye bye see you later!

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Happy Farther’s Day!!

Hello, today I’m going to be telling you about what my family and I did on Farther’s Day.

We woke up and said Happy Farther’s Day to my dad. I was really excited to show him the gift I got him, but I had to wait. We started planning on what we should do and my dad decided to do to make a home made brunch that is inspired from one of our favourite restaurants (We we’re going to cook a huge family platter of the breakfast the restaurant sells).

We all agreed and my mum went to get the supplies my family and I wanted from the menu, my mum came back and immediately started cooking (my dad was at the gym). I could smell the delicious food from the living room. It took awhile for all of the food to cook, since we got a lot  of ingredients to cook, so I went out in The trampoline (my dad came 5 minutes after).

Finally the food was done! As soon as my mum called me I ran to the dinning room, there was a huge big plate of food set on the table. There were: Sausages, bacon, hash browns, eggs, cooked beans, mushrooms, pancakes with syrup, toast, French toast and cooked tomatoes (I did not eat the tomatoes since I do not like tomatoes) me and my little brother got juice boxes. My mum took a photo of the food and we all ate up, everything was so good and after the plate had hardly anything left.

After I got to give my dad his gift (it was a small cup bin that you can put on your desk, so if you have rubbish and you are too lazy to go to the bin then you can put it in the cup bin. That’s what I told my dad) he really liked it and my brother came with his gift, it was a paper and it had some questions and my brother had to answer them, these were the questions: My dad is __ years old, my dads name is __, I love my dad because__ and my dad is good at_.)my brothers answers were so funny like he said my dad was 7! And that his name is dad 😂. (He’s only in kindy so no wonder his answers made no sense). We spent more time with my dad after, it was a really fun day .

My Life History

I was only 2 when I moved to Australia from India. I used to live with my extended family in New Delhi, the capital of India. My cousin and I were crying the whole time in the car as we reached the airport… it was time to say good bye I along with my mum and my nana stepped inside the Delhi international airport. As I stepped onto an elevator, I realised I have left people behind and I burst out screaming and crying trying to get out of the elevator. But it was too late, the elevator went up. I settled after a while and enjoyed my 12 hours long flight.

My dad was already in Australia waiting for us. We moved because my parents wanted to explore a new country. My dad came 6 months before us, to set up everything. I was so excited to see my dad after so long. But I was very confused, looking around, since nothing looked familiar. Then one day, I went to my first daycare in Australia. I was really upset since I knew no one in Australia and I did not know how to speak English. I used to know only Hindi.

A few years later, we moved to Hocking and I got sent to my first primary school. I made lots of friends there in kindy. I met Tahlia on my 2nd day, we both played with each other and became best friends. When we were in year one, we were moved to big kids area in school. Tahlia and I met another friend in year one, her name was Delta, we played with her and became best friends so it was a group of three. In year 4 we met another friend her name was Sasha and we were all bffs. Now we are all in the same class in year 5, making more and more friends as we go. I went to India in the school holidays and we are planning for my extended family to come this year to Australia. We still video chat to them everyday.

After living in Australia for a few years, we call both India & Australia our homes!

The Faction Carnival

I was so nervous and scared if I would come last but the teacher already started saying “ take your marks… get set… go!!”

Hello that’s me in the faction carnival doing a race, it was really tiring but let’s just go back to the first step in class.

I was so excited when I entered class. I looked at all my class mates they all looked so cool they had red,yellow, blue or green hair (in our school there are factions and they are: Marri= blue, Jarrah= red, Tuart= yellow and Banksia= green. I am in Marri.) I had blue chalk in my hair 2 blue hair ties. my class was very excited as well. My bffs delta and Sasha were Jarrah and they had red hair and delta had red lipstick. Tahlia is in Marri with me and she had blue glitter on her hair with a blue hair tie, she also had sink on her leg saying “Marri”.

After a while all of the year 5s went out side to line up in their factions, Tahlia, Delta, Sasha and I all said bye and went separate. A while later we all were on the oval in out faction tents, it was really loud since people kept singing “ let’s go Marri let go” and “ let’s go jarrah let’s go” Tuart and Banksia did the same thing. Tahlia and I just sat and talked until it was time to get up and do some sport.

We did a lot of sport and Marri won hurdles and zigzag pass (hurdles is were you have to jump over some stands and try not to make then fall over. Zigzag pass ball is we’re you have to go in a zigzag with your team and then your against others and you have to pass the ball to eachother in a zigzag 3 times first team to do it 3 times wins, Marri won at both of the games.)

We had recess after but then it was time for the race. I was In D devotion. All the other people finished their race so now it was time for the D devotion race. I was so nervous until the teacher came and said “take your marks… get set… GO!” I sprinted so fast but me and one of my class mate and me were just sticking together and it looked like we were going to tie, but when we finish the teacher said who was 1st, 2nd and 3rd and he looked at me and my class mate and said “I don’t know who came 4th so let me check the camera” he came back with the 4th badge, looked at me and said “you just beat her by an inch” I was so happy he gave me the Badge and I stood in the stands with the other winners.

We had lunch did and after we had a meeting at the end mr.jones (my sport teacher) said that the most improved faction was…. Marri! And the most improved faction was…… Tuart!

After everyone went home and it was a very fun and very tiring day.


I Am From Poem

                                     I Am From

I am from gymnastics, balancing and beaming, audience applauding.

I am from India, dogs and cats roaming around, me and my sis walking around.

I am from swimming, freezing cold water attacking my skin, 2 laps of sidestroke, 2 laps of everything, level 9 is hard.

I am from my friends, laughing and giggling, going on adventures and eating ice-cream.

I am from slime, mixing and kneading, making a mess until my mum is screaming.

I am from cats, cuddling and patting, feeding and grooming, adoring and kissing.

I am from music, pianos playing, guitars strumming, drums banging and vocalist singing.

I am from art, sketching and drawing, pencils sharpening.

I am from noodles, slurping and chewing, twisting and gulping.

I am from math, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

Aarna Rajesh



Weekend Partys!

Hello, on the weekends I went to 2 parties, and today I’ll be telling you about them.

On Saturday we went to a BBQ party. It was my friend’s brother’s birthday. The food was very good, there was sticky BBQ wings, sausage sizzle, veggies, rice, some cupcakes and brownies. I ate a lot since I loved everything they had. After my friend and I ate we went to his room (Some other people came who were his friends so we also played with them too). We played UNO and played games on our iPads. At the end of the party everyone went home, I took one more cupcake before I went home.

On Sunday I went to a different friend’s brother’s birthday. It was at crocs play center (he was turning 5). Lots of my friends came since they all were invited. We played on the trampolines and went on the slides even that big red one wich is a drop. We had food after and the food was fruits, chips with some dips, sandwiches and drinks. We all ate and cut the cake. And everyone finished eating the cake. After one of the workers said that there was a croc hunt and there were clues everywhere but we had to find them. So we found all of the clues and there was a door, it said “mr crocs house” so we all knocked on the door and a big croc came out (not a real one). We played with the croc took some selfies before we all went home.

That’s all, see you next time, bye!